Bahth platform


The digital portal « Bahth » constitutes a bridge between the scientific research sector and the socio-economic sector, particularly the industrial sector. Its primary mission is to facilitate fruitful cooperation in order to stimulate innovationeconomic growth and wealth creation.

*It is a means of exchange, cooperation and coordination between different sectors (economic companies, start-ups and subsidiaries, research centers, research laboratories, joint research services such as: technological platforms, technical platforms and incubators…), by contributing via an account for each service provider within research entities, such as: (operating heavy scientific equipment, or offering expertise, a study…), or raising issues and concerns from socio-economic partners.

The main objective of the Bahth platform is

  • -the rapprochement between scientific research and its practical applications, as well as to promote innovation in the academic and economic sectors as well as technology transfer.
  • -Connecting players in the industrial sector (small and medium-sized businesses, startups, project leaders, etc.).
  • -Provide a database of expertise and skills in various specialties, as an interface for exposing research projects and proposals in order to attract funding and investor support.

It also includes an interest-based notification feature to provide users with the latest search developments related to their activity.

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