Emigration of Algerians and Immigration to Algeria


Although migration issues had always been a central concern, Algeria was facing new forms and practices. This call for research projects aims to deepen our understanding of this phenomenon to study the forms of circulation, and to explore the various facets of migration and its impact on Algerian society.

    • Profiles and motivations of emigrants:

In order to develop effective migration policies, it is essential to understand demographic, educational and socio-economic characteristics of Algerian emigrants, and their motivations for leaving the country.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse the profiles of Algerian emigrants, including their age, education and work experience.

– Understand the underlying reasons for emigration, such as unemployment, seeking economic opportunities or education abroad.

  • Illegal emigration and immigration:

Illegal emigration and immigration pose specific challenges to security, human rights and border control. By looking at this axis, we can study the dynamics of irregular migration in Algeria.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse the causes and consequences of illegal emigration.

– Assess border control policies and mechanisms.

– Propose approaches to effectively manage irregular migration.

  • Algerian diaspora:

The Algerian diaspora abroad played a significant role in Algeria’s economic, social and cultural life. By focusing on this axis, we can study this community, its contributions and its links with the country of origin.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse the composition and geographical distribution of the Algerian diaspora.

– Study diaspora initiatives to support national development.

– Understanding the economic, cultural and social links between the diaspora and Algeria.

  • Immigration policies:

Immigration policies in Algeria, including regulations, procedures and admission criteria, have a direct impact on the composition of immigrants. By looking at this axis, we can assess these policies and their effectiveness.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse the immigration policies in Algeria and their evolution.

– Assess the impact of immigration policies on the country’s economy.

– Propose adjustments to immigration policies to meet national needs.

  • Economic consequences of emigration:

Emigration has major economic implications, including remittances and brain drain. By looking at this axis, we can assess these consequences and their implications for Algeria.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse the impact of remittances on the Algerian economy.

– Examine the consequences of brain drain and opportunities for reinvesting Algerian skills abroad.

– Propose policies to maximise the economic benefits of migration.