Orientation Council

The Orientation Council

The Members of the TARSHS Orientation Council:

The Agency’s Orientation Council, chaired by the Minister in charge of  Scientific Research or his representative (Decree  No. 1906 of November 11th , 2019, fixing the nominative list of the members of the Orientation Council of the Thematic Agency of Research in Social and Human Sciences), includes:

The list of the members of the Orientation Council is fixed by decree of the Minister in charge of  scientific research on a proposal from the institutions to which they belong for a renewable period of four (4) years.


Deliberation of the Orientation Council:


The Orientation Council deliberates in particular on:


*The annual and multiannual work program submitted to it by the Director of the Agency, after consulting the Scientific Council.

* National research program projects under the authority of the Agency.

* The Agency’s development prospects.

* The organization and operation of the Agency.

* The Annual activity report.

* Forecast statements of revenue and expenditures.

* Financial management of the previous financial year.

* Human Resources Management Plan.

* Loans to be contracted.

* Acceptance and allocation of gifts and legacies.

* Acquisitions, sales or rentals of buildings.

* The agency’s internal rules.


The Orientation Council meets in ordinary session twice (2) a year, when convened by its Chair. It may meet in extraordinary session at the request of either the supervisory authority or two-thirds (2/3) of its members, or the Director of the Agency.