Digitisation Challenges in Algeria


Digitisation is significantly transforming society, the economy and culture in Algeria, but the challenges associated with its implementation go far beyond the simple act of digitisation. Digitisation requires a comprehensive and strategic approach and raises new constraints. By highlighting these lines of research, we aim to better understand these transformations and address the challenges that arise from them.

    • Digitisation, communication and society:

Digitisation has revolutionised communication and social interactions in Algeria. By looking at this axis, we can explore the social implications of digitisation, including changes in communication behaviour, the dissemination of information and the formation of online identities.

Operational objectives:

– Analyse trends in digital communication in Algeria.

– Study the impact of digitisation on social and intergenerational relations.

– Understand the dynamics of online information and misinformation.

  • Digitisation, challenges and reality:

Digitisation poses complex challenges to Algerian society, including those related to data security, privacy and regulation. By looking at this axis, we can identify these challenges and develop solutions to address them proactively.

Operational objectives:

– Assess the cyber security and data protection challenges in Algeria.

– Analyse the impact of digitisation on the privacy of individuals.

– Propose appropriate regulatory frameworks for digitisation.

  • Digitisation and archiving:

Digitisation offers the opportunity to preserve and manage archives and historical documents more effectively. By looking at this axis, we can explore the benefits of digitisation for archiving in Algeria and develop preservation strategies.

Operational objectives:

– Study methods and technologies for digitising archives.

– Examine the benefits of digitisation for the preservation of historical documents.

– Propose guidelines for the digitisation and management of archives in Algeria.

  • Economic digitisation:

Digitisation has a significant impact on the Algerian economy, including the transformation of business models and innovation. By looking at this axis, we can explore economic opportunities and challenges related to digitisation.

Operational objectives:

– Assess the potential of digitisation to stimulate innovation and economic competitiveness.

– Analyse obstacles to the widespread adoption of digital technologies in enterprises.

– Propose strategies to promote economic digitisation in Algeria.