Cultural Heritage in Algeria


The question of Algerian heritage is the subject of serious questioning in relation to economic development, its management and exploitation call on specialists in order to initiate a real action of introduction of research as a vector of its care and protection. By focusing on five key thematic areas, we are promoting inventories and database development, as well as fieldwork to provide real solutions to current challenges.

    • Local monographs:

Local monographs allow to document in depth the history, culture, and heritage specific to each region of Algeria. By looking at this axis, we can contribute to a better understanding of the cultural diversity of the country and the preservation of local traditions.

Operational objectives:

– Complete monographs of specific regions, cities or sites in Algeria.

– Document the unique historical, cultural and heritage aspects of these regions.

– Promote the appreciation and preservation of the local heritage.

  • Historical atlas:

Historical atlas offers a powerful visual perspective to trace the temporal evolution of Algeria. By focusing on this axis, we can contribute to the creation of visually impactful educational and research tools.

Operational objectives:

– Create interactive or printed historical atlas to map the geographical, cultural and political evolution of Algeria.

– Highlight historical changes and key events.

– Facilitate the dissemination of historical knowledge to the public.

  • Algerian manuscripts:

Algerian manuscripts are intellectual and cultural treasures that document thought, science and literature in Algeria. By looking at this axis, we can contribute to the preservation of this unique literary and scientific heritage.

Operational objectives:

– Study and catalogue ancient and modern manuscripts present in Algeria.

– Digitise and preserve these manuscripts to ensure their accessibility in the future.

– Promote the research and appreciation of these literary and scientific works.

  • Management of archaeological sites:

The management and evaluation of heritage sites pose several challenges related to their environment, renewing their knowledge as well as that of their preservation, which requires their inclusion in a global enhancement perspective. Through this axis, we can work to meet this challenge as an important economic challenge and cultural resource, with the aim of helping to modernise the management methods, the management of these sites and allow their integration into a dynamic of sustainable development.

Operational objectives:

– Assess the conservation status of archaeological sites in Algeria.

– Propose strategies for conservation and sustainable management.

– Promote education and public awareness through these sites.

  • Cultural heritage and tourism:

Archaeological sites can become economic and tourist assets for Algeria. By looking at this axis, we can foster local economic development while preserving heritage.

Operational objectives:

– Assess the tourist potential of Algerian archaeological sites.

– Propose strategies for the promotion and development of tourism.

– Contribute to economic diversification by stimulating cultural tourism.