Scientific Council

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Agency includes:

Ten (10) members, selected from university lecturers and researchers and permanent researchers, respectively, of the rank of professors, class “A” senior lecturers,  research directors and class “A” researchers whose disciplines are related to the Agency’s activities.


The members of the Scientific Council are appointed for a period of four (4) renewable years, by decree of the Minister in charge of scientific research.


Recommendations of the Scientific Council:

The Scientific Council shall be consulted by the Director on any scientific question falling within the scope of the Agency’s tasks and, more particularly, on the organization and conduct of  research and valorization of  activities. In this regard, it shall deliver opinions and recommendations  particularly on:

  • The research programs and projects to be submitted by the Director to the Orientation Council.
  • Overviews of the activities of research entities activating in the agency’s fields of competence.