Webinar: Cairn.info and Cairn Sciences Training Thursday June 23, 2022-11:00 (+01)


Presentation program

Registration link: https://app.livestorm.co/cairninfo/formation-cairninfo-cairnsciences-afrique-juin2022

This webinar aims to present

CAIRN.INFO (human and social sciences portal)
CAIRN Science and Technology
These two databases bring together the production of the main French-speaking publishers in the world: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and other countries.

Introduction: Our trainers will start the webinar with a general introduction to Cairn, including who created it and what typical users are.
Basic features:
In the first part of the webinar, you will discover the essential functions of the portal, in particular allowing you to:
Browse by type of publication and disciplines
Perform an effective advanced search
View full-text articles
Download publications in PDF
Export bibliographic references
Advanced features
Secondly, you will learn how to make the most of the customization options offered by the portal, namely:
Create an individual My Cairn.info account
Follow an author or journal
Build and share a playlist
Discover public playlists
Receive personalized recommendations by email
Presentation of Cairn International

CAIRN INTERNATIONAL (English): English version of Cairn.info
CAIRN MUNDO (Spanish): Spanish version of Cairn.info

You will be able to ask written questions to our trainers throughout the duration of the webinar, via a chat interface. They will endeavor to answer them at the end of the presentation.


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